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Versatile fleet for demanding markets

Specialising on relevant niche markets in the area of sea logistics is key to our success. Accordingly, our fleet is diversified, consisting of approximately 20 ships of the following types:
  • A continuously increasing fleet of container feeder ships
  • Ro-Ro tonnage and multipurpose vessels especially for paper and construction material
  • Modern self-unloading cement tankships

Technical characteristics Container ships

  • Modern, economic container feeder ships at a size of 657 – 1.688 TEU
  • Large number of reefer plugs
  • Strategic focus on geared vessels
  • Worldwide operation

Technical characteristics Ro-Ro Tonnage

  • Multipurpose vessel
  • Equipped with a side loader
  • Specifically designed for transport of paper

Technical characteristics of self unloading Cement Carriers

Management of ten selfdischarging cement carriers. These closed systems offer decisive advantages in the transport of cement, granulated blast furnaced slag, ground granulated blast furnaced slag and dry fly ash:
  • Clean loading and unloading since cement dust is avoided
  • No contamination or clumping of the cargo due to water ingress or cargo residues
  • Loading and unloading unaffected by weather as a result of closed loading and discharging systems
  • Ability to plan accurately and ensure punctual delivery